Keep Your Toilet On A Weekly Cleaning Schedule

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Despite what you call it, whether the john, lavatory, water closet or head, the toilet rarely gets the cleaning it deserves. Who better to teach you then the Litton Enterprises Inc. plumbing experts themselves. We’ve seen our share of toilets and have certainly dealt with our share of related plumbing issues. You’d be surprised at how a regular cleaning can help to alleviate toilet problems down the road.

  • We recommend you only use natural cleaning products.
  • As for the actual tools of the trade:
    • Pumice Stone
    • Toilet brush with an under-the-rim brush on the tip
    • Large microfiber cloth
    • Scrubbing sponge

cleaning supplies


It’s important to get into a thorough weekly cleaning routine. First, you want to make sure and turn off the water to the toilet. Proceed to flush; this will ensure that all of the water empties out of the bowl. Sprinkle the all-natural toilet cleaning powder into the toilet bowl. A tip: you always want to wear gloves when cleaning your toilet. Next, scrub the bowl as well as the underside of the rim using a sponge. Remove any stains and rings you notice with the pumice stone. Add 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to the toilet after having scrubbed with the stone and the powder. Allow the vinegar to sit for approximately one hour before turning on the water and flushing.

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By doing a quick daily cleanup of your toilet, you help extend the effects of the more comprehensive cleaning process. This can be done simply by swishing the toilet bowl every day using plain water and a toilet brush.

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Every week, clean the outside of the toilet including the floor around it. Start by wiping from the top of the tank and work down. Use a microfiber cloth by wiping in this order, folding to a fresh portion of the cloth after each step:

  • Flusher handle and the tops and sides of the tank
  • Top and inside of the toilet lid
  • Top of the toilet seat, then the area between the tank and the toilet seat where the bolts are and where bacteria often collects.
  • Don’t forget the floor around the toilet. Enzyme-based Urine Off and probiotic-based Chrisal work to break down and then get rid of urine and bacteria build up while eliminating the odor. It’s always best to be proactive and address any fresh spills rather than letting them sit for too long.

Things to consider

Cleaning cloths should go straight into the washer. Wash separately in hot water and detergent after each use. Do not add fabric softener; air dry.

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To clean your toilet brush and holder: bi-weekly mix 2 ounces of distilled white vinegar, a few drops of essential oil, such as mint or lavender and pour this solution onto the toilet brush; add the rest to the brush holder to keep it smelling fresh. Remember to replace this mixture every two weeks.

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You also want to be sure and clean the toilet plunger which often gets overlooked. Let it sit a few minutes in the toilet with the cleaning solution. Rinse, then suspend over the toilet but out of the water by closing the toilet seat on top of the plunger handle. Once dry, store the plunger in a convenient location for emergency use.